AGEncy: Teak

Logo, Brand Strategy, Website, Photography, Video, Awareness Campaign, Indiegogo Launch

The best way to determine what is going on inside your body is through your blood. Cor enables you to track exactly that right at home, helping you improve your overall health. With just a tiny sample of blood, Cor helps you live well by giving you insights on key health indicators like Cholesterol (HDL, LDL, Total), Fasting Blood Glucose, Inflammation (Fibrinogen), and Triglycerides—in just minutes.

Many of us track our steps, our exercise, our sleep, our weight, or our diet. But how do you know if these things are making you healthier? With Cor, you can finally see which efforts make a real difference in your health.

Teak partnered with Cor to help them realize their brand position and bring their product to market. We worked with them to develop their brand messaging and identity while also developing their launch website. As a build up to their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, we developed a social engagement program on Facebook that built a launch audience ready to put their money down once the Cor campaign became available. In the end, the campaign was funded in three days and the press was buzzing with reports about this new home health and wellness product.